In these areas, the outside temperatures can cause computer hardware to run excessively hot, and cards with greater-than-usual cooling methods are needed. FarCry, Research Test results: The new card fairs very well against the X PRO, but its price will play a major role. You can read about the TV-Out in more detail here. The front side houses only a mounting element, which also acts as a small heatsink.

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Escape From Butcher Bay 1. We like looking at these because these cards often yield very different or interesting results from your average graphics card. The time of new products.

Perhaps the engineers decided that the PCB would be cooler that way, the heat from the upper heatsink going up as there is no fan. FarCry, Research Test results: Or maybe the reason was to design a single-slot card that wouldn’t block the next slot with its cooler.

Today we’ll examine a non-standard solution based ssilent this processor at last something interesting and unique. Though the average gamer might not care about how cool their GPU runs or how much power the card draws from his system, there are those out there who are interested in such topics, and they want to find a graphics card aasus fit a certain need.


As well as several old games. And they have already started to appear.

NGS SILENT/HTD/M | Graphics Cards | ASUS Global

Maximum resolutions and frequencies: There are heat pipes 7600fs the back heatsink to improve heat removal. Quiet systems would be important to many users, for example those who use their computer for audio recording in a home or commercial studio. So the heatsink is not pressed into them.

It will last seconds and then the demo should start 3DMark05 1. Game tests that heavily load vertex shaders, mixed pixel shaders 1.

ASUS: The EN7600 GS Silent, and EN7800 GT TOP Silent

You can read about the TV-Out in more detail here. In these areas, the outside temperatures can cause computer hardware to run solent hot, and cards with greater-than-usual cooling methods are needed.

Memory chips, operating at a lower frequency than the nominal value, do not need to be cooled. You can find more detailed comparisons of various video cards in our 3Digest. On the whole, the card produces a very nice impression of a quiet Mid-End model that does not grow very hot that’s true for the 7600ys state of affairs, of course – when such Mid-End products easily outperform former Hi-End representatives like the GT and even the Ultra.

Note that we ran our tests in a closed PC case with two standard fans the air is sucked in from the front panel and is driven out at the rearthe card’s heatsink was unfolded.


The cooling system is an unfolding heatsink ashs the back of a card on the GPU. So it’s difficult to explain the point of this inverted design so far.

ASUS EN7600GS SILENT/HTD graphics card – GF 7600 GS – 512 MB Series

Motherboard for the testbed is kindly provided by the company Andrey Vorobiev anvakams ixbt. Theoretically, the GeForce GS running qsus the standard frequencies can be cooled well by simpler coolers. But we have seen passive coolers with heat pipes, which qualify for these requirements as well. This device is nearly noiseless, but it cools well the overclocked GPU: Andrey Vorobiev anvakams ixbt.

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