Resides those already given the paragraphs of Genesis are as follows: And being [both] with child they returned to their country, i LiteraUy: There are 28 such divisions distributed fairly evenly through Genesis, except for one great section between XV, 7 and XXXI, 54 in which there is no break. To both I am therefore sincerely indebted. Now in the Tigre legend this is made the main reason: PaiH s fhcg 75f s om 7-nd: R 25 O-fl ri.

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Full text of “The legend of the Queen of Sheba in the tradition of Axum”

And when they were at a distance of 14 miles, they heard the sound of thunder, and the earth trembled with the sound of thunder, and the moun- tains were shaken, and the princes adored him. It should be mentioned, however, that after the main part of this number was printed my friend Dr.

C CGR om A. Similar liturgical notes are to be found at the beginning of two other paragraphs. I’ R 8 XoD: This idea is also clearly brought out by the following passage from the Abridged Abyssinian Chronicle’: A I nhoD I hHli0o- 1 h’7ll.

FH ubique 4 Htov: Here follows a long prayer in which God’s great deeds in nature and in history are praised and deliver- ance from the serpent is asked; Send ye your first born son[s] with him!

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I need scarcely cite all the Indo-European parallels; for it is well known that from India to Ireland almost everywhere the dragon plays a great rdle in folklore. Delivery Options see all. FH om Hfi 7rt-nn: In Genesis the numerals are now in red, now in black, now in black with red lines or with red tips to the black lines.


OiJi-l; t hmt” I 4: We see again, how great a magical power the threshold is supposed to have. CG I SMlii ‘. Did the changes always come at the beginning of a new leaf, or the parchment, ink, corrections or textual readings point to a different provenience for different portions of the codex, then this question would require careful investigation.

It was at the suggestion of the editor of this Bibliotheca Abessinica that I undertook inwith a view to obtain- ing the degree of Doctor of Philosophy from Princeton University, the work of collating and estimating the Haver- ford Codex of the Octateuch in Ethiopic, the results of which are herewith made public. It represents therefore the same text, and almost every- where sides with F against the other MSS.

The writing is guided by lines ruled in the parchment with a sharp instrument, the horizontal lines regular as a general rule, and the six vertical r3d7, one at each side of each column, nearly always wti placed.

R has itself received the same treatment as if ait represented the ancient, unemended text, and a single scribe has zti through it as far as Leviticus, altering it to conform to the emended text current in his own day i8th century? R 25 O-fl ri. In order to ascertain whether the type of text thus revealed in Genesis is maintained evenly throughout, 1 5 chapters were collated in the remaining books of the Octateuch: Of these i and 3 are, as we have seen, easily accounted for, but 2 is still unexplained.


And while they were sitting [there], a tear atu upon them. FH item vv ao, 36 ID-fttt: And the condition in which it has been preserved favors rather the theory of private ownership through most of its existence, than its constant use in a church or monastery. Codex C is a carefully 3r7d MS of the 17th century, bought by the traveller Riippell in Abyssinia, and representing in its best form the emended text of the Ethiopic Scriptures, a consistently adopted and well trans- mitted recension of the ancient version.

This prohibition is found, e. F alone, 9 times.

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Rcckcndorf on the value of the old Ethiopic version of the Pentateuch for the reconstruction of the Septuagint ‘. Its appear- ance here is rather unexpected, but very characteristic. R I om jEAt: And after that God sent a ato flash down from heaven upon the cursed serpent and cut him in twelve parts striking him with [his] fiery sword.