But once widely exploited.. Also new is the large and easy-to-use full-screen mode, transforming your computer into your own personalized performance studio. This problem has been fixed. Latency impressive from the start, it seems to play directly into the small amp and not through the PC! Simulation software very well-known amps and effects.

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The modeling part is more than correct, the grain is present and the effects of very good quality.

Adjustment to set process priority to high The noise may be reduced by raising the process priority of the software to high. However, even if the guitar is slightly present in listen-only, once the jxmvox replayed over the result is often unsatisfactory.


Owner’s Manual Addendum Requirements: Also new is the large and easy-to-use full-screen mode, transforming your computer into your own personalized performance studio. This problem has been solved jamvoox returning to the audio driver of v1. It will go through another program to re-encode the file if you really want to have the MP3.

This will enable you to download monitoor latest update of software and you will not have a facility to do that without using the cd provided. Material side speaker design VOX is massive and contains 2 hp 3-inch spitting 0.

Info for this interface also works with pod farm line 6 of which is much more complete. You can also change to the double panels as in the previous version. The default setting for this is on.


The Jam also comes with two CDs of music tracks to sing and play over 70 ‘and 80’, will be left for a “Smoke on the Water” with its true, please. For less than euros you will find in the JamVOX a very good working tools and adapted primarily jambox listening to your guitar sound in comparison to multimedia speakers that are often used by moult scratch.

JamVOX 1.52 for Windows

What makes an interface with sound quality listening live, with headphones too, lots of pedals and amps available, an XLR microphone input with separate volume of the instrument and a Level Monitoring. The speakers are stereo, about 5cm in monittor.

This parameter is largely dependent on the machine where the software is installed.

A graphics card with dedicated memory class 1 or 2 interchangeable FireWire, USB external drives of large capacity. After installing the software connecting the monitoring system and you will be prompted to complete the installation of drivers. Registration Downloads Contact Us. However, it still requires an extra bag if you want to play with from his laptop.

Regarding the settings, please refer to “Owner’s manual” in the “Help” menu. The music player shows the waveform monito the song, providing a clear, visual indication of the song’s development and structure.

Also in the software preferences can adjust the speed of audio signal processing. Mac and the Mac logo are registered monito of Apple Inc.

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When you use pre v1. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. The effects section includes 18 standard pedal-type effects such as wah and compressor; 12 modulation-type effects such as chorus, flanger, and tremolo; 11 delay-type effects including some that model analog circuitry such as tape echo and multi-head; 15 types of reverb, plus noise reduction, providing a grand total of 57 premium effects.


Some minor bugs have also been fixed. Mac OS X JamVox features Legendary VOX Modeling Choose from a total of 19 amp models providing the sound of vintage amps such as the VOX AC30 as well as modern high-gain amps; 12 speaker models meticulously reproduce details such as the construction of the speaker and cabinet.

I personally would not go up the plug on my amp but apparently they are people who have tried and it makes not too bad. The manual is not very adequate but it is necessary to understand the system GXT allowing you to melt down guitar lines on your mp3 or other favorites. You can get the reverberation you want easily by editing parameters customized for guitar. Installation is very simple not need to leave St circumstances.