Help Like us on Facebook to receive money saving coupons and special offers. Talk time 3G – As rated by manufacturer. The V9x specs out a talk time of over minutes on one full charge, but I have found it to be much le ss, more like minutes. The V9 and V9X are some of the best phones ever made. I try to keep minutes on it.

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Despite its slimmer profile, the RAZR2 V9x offers enhanced dual screens that make the phone seem larger. Anyway – great phone for those that want to talk or text but for our plan the text is 10 cents per text.

Motorola RAZR2 V9x pictures, official photos

Apple should stop making iPhone cases. I use the ATT navigator and find it to be useful especially if you are in a friend’s car and get lost. The screen size is amazing on the outside of the phone it is the size of the main screen of most other phones.

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M3, T4 Other features: With the redesigned, more intelligent interface, you’ll be able to search for contacts faster and avoid duplicate entries for the same person while allowing contacts to mtorola multiple numbers. The primary difference between the V9x and the V9 is the GPS navigation feature on the V9x, but bear in mind that ATT considers this data, so to use it you will pretty much need to v9s a data plan, and avoiding this extra monthly v9xx may be one reason you prefer a flip phone.


Make sure when you purchase the phone that you get the BX 50 battery some of the early models came with the BX 40 and after m ins of web or calls you would need the charger.

The way they say it is by including the word WCDMA in the g9x, which probably means nothing to you. For those who prefer the flip phone design in pursuing 3G, this phone is one of the critical choices.

Motorola RAZR2 V9x – Black (Unlocked) Cellular Phone

The service also allows you to switch the direction of the video stream during the same phone call. Best Android photo and video apps.

The motorpla is very smooth and will pick up grease from your face or will scratch easily, get a simple case issue solved. SMS messages on the phone can be read and replied to with pre-programmed text messages without ever having to open up the flip. Capacity – The bigger, the better!

moorola I also discovered that the phone will not charge when off and must be left on when charging, a difference from the V3. This phone provides Bluetooth version 2. Its one-piece housing has no parting lines meaning fewer chances of break points and the cast aluminum hinge underwent more thanlab tests to ,otorola durability. You may also like. Users can also keep the media experience going with cellular video and watch news, sports, weather and entertainment clips on the large 2 inch external display.

And text messaging is easier, with the V9 recognizing what type of message you are sending. It is a flip phone that has bars almost everywhere I go unlike my old Moto phone. The V9x that I bought is a great unit. Providing average data speeds between Kbps, it’s fast enough to support a motprola range of advanced data services, including video and music clips, full picture and video messaging, high-speed color Internet access, and email on the go.


Best iPhone motoola apps.

Motorola RAZR2 V9x pictures

The best RAZR ever made, but you will need to get a high capacity battery like I did if you plan on doing anything involving the web as the battery life is abysmal. Average represents the mean value, calculated from all phones, from the last year.

Works best in clear weather. The phone is slim and not bulky at all, you will notice it has some weight to it. Or on those Vegas trips where you come back to your hotel room to shower and change clothes quickly and go back out, you can change your battery too and mmotorola in the loop and in touch.

Resolution – Refers to the width and the length od the additional display. Best voice call quality and signal strength on any phone I have ever had. It offers compatibility with Microsoft Windows Media Player 11, enabling easy synchronization and transfer between phone and PC. Oct 6, Market status: